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Risk Taking Researcher-Giulia D._Final Blog

Risk Taking Researcher
Giulia Di Bella
Final Blog Post

          Persepolis is an autobiography novel written by Marjane Strapi. The story is basically about her experience as a 10 year old growing up during the Islamic Revolution and Iraq & Iran war. She gives her opinions about it, her families opinions about it, as well as other people's (strangers) opinions too. The reader got a very clear idea of what  was happening inside her life-story as well as outside.
          Primarily written in French, Persepolis was published in many other languages including English and many more. The title of this book seems to have reference to the ancient capital of the Persian Empire, Persepolis; however, I myself don't get how that can be related. (If anyone has any idea please comment below...) Anyways, Persepolis was published in 2000 (comics), and won (film) Best Animated Feature at the 2007 Academy Awards. Persepolis, for those interested, is also a comic-like movie that really caught my attention. Although I didn't watch it all (but will), I found the trailer very catchy and well animated. If this suits your interests then click this--> link <--to watch this amazing trailer...
           Marjane Satrapi, the author of this book, was born in November 22nd 1969, which makes her 44 years old today. This strong Iranian-born lady, is a famous French graphic novelist, illustrator, film director, and children's books author. Satrapi came from a middle class Tehranian family. Although she came from a good family, Marjane, during her childhood though her adolescence and adulthood, lived with the experience of dark memories, such as friends, family members, relatives, or even strangers being tortured, arrested, or even murdered. Analyzing this life through my eyes, this girl must have been a very strong one, since now, later on her life, she passed the hard times and got to become famous and not let the situations and scenarios tera her apart.
          Another interesting fact about her is that apart from her native language Persian, Marjane speaks French, English, Swedish, German, and Italian. She got married twice; once there was a divorce in a short amount of time, and the second one worked out until today. At the age of 22, Satrapi married a man and went to live in Paris to change her life a little. Here are some of Marjane's achievements:
 ^ About Marjane Satrapi ^
          Marjane Satrapi's career began in earnest when she met David Beauchard, a French comics artist who became her mentor and teacher, who guided her thoughts and ideas. The movie that she and her best friend, Vincent Paronnaud made was an abrupt mashup because she was going to do it on her own, but then remembered that Vincent would be very interested to help. So she requested him to help her with the animation, and in the end, he said: "sure". And that was how the film was created. 
          As you can see, Marjane had a tough past, but could greatly overcome it all during her " future". This women was very strong and inspiring to many others, and that' s why I really enjoyed her arts. (Book and movie.) 
Optional Interview: 
Again, for those interested, I found a very cool interview with Marjane Satrapi, author of Persepolis, in which if you' d like, feel free to watch. Here is the-->link<--to it. It' s basically her saying somethings about the book and the movie together, and some of her opinions and points of view. Interesting and informational. 




  1. I found the information really good. This story is actually real, and it is very hard to imagine someone passing through all this. It was also very hard to live on her area, because of all the losses that she had, as well as the bad things she heard. But positively she still survived and made through it and still struggled past all this and yet she felt it as a important moment, and therefore she wanted to share this story with the rest, because it impacted her in many different ways.

  2. After reading this post I think that something that was needed would be a little about what tragic events happened to Marjane Setrapi. The first thing that comes into mind was her loving uncle who came back to Iran after fleeing to Russia. This uncle was Marjanes favorite person and when he was arrested and given a life sentence for being a Russian spy he choose to see her as the last person he would ever see. When he was executed it affected Marjane negatively. This was one of the many things that contributed to all o the awful tragedies that occurred during the Iranian Revolution and the Iran Iraq war.

  3. It's also important to see how Iran was before the Islamic Revolution of 1979: a very liberal country. Some of the old costumes of this age are still part of Iranian life nowadays. You also should read "Broderies" (in portuguese "Bordados") and "Poulet aux prunes" ("frango com ameixas). Those two graphic novels are kind of complementary to "Persepolis". The first is about the life of women in Iran pre-revolution. The second on is about Marjane's uncle.
    Last thing: Persepolis is a reference to the fact that what we know as Iran today, was Persia in the past. Iran was one of the great empires of the past.
    Nice work!