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Literary Analysis_Giulia_Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

Giulia Di Bella
Literary Analysis
Week #5

Describe a choice made by a character in the novel.  Why did the character make this choice?  Was his or her action justified?

I believe that there was one big choice that Marjane made that was very marking for the story. This was when Marjane decided to join the demonstration that was happening at that time. She chose to go with her maid, Mehri, and there they went. I thought that choice, coming straight from a (about) 10 years old girl was very astounding. Although she was very studious, she read a lot of books, and had a great knowledge about what was happening, still, she was just a child. This action that she made was something that a grown-up should start facing if they would like, it's not kids stuff. This demonstration was serious, for it involved shooting, killing, torturing, and much more.
I presume that Marjane made that choice because she wanted to feel like an adult. She wanted to feel superior, and have a real contribution to the world. Although young, she wished to show that she had an opinion and demonstrate that she was mature enough to deal with harsh topics, like this one. "Tomorrow we are going to demonstrate." (p.38) In this comic box Marjane was pointing her finger to her maid in a strong and powerful manner, which showed a lot of power coming from her. Just the fact that she knew perfectly what was going on, and wanted to change something, makes her very mature. I believe that she was very strong on her opinion because she was willing to do it even if her parents didn't allow her. Maybe some part of it could have been just by the fact that she was just a kid and being disobedient and getting what you want was just something natural and child-ish. On the graphic novel, we can see that both her maid and her got hit in the end, by Marjane's parents; however, I think that Marjane herself already expected something about that intense to occur when they got home, but still, she was very perseverant in my opinion.
Lastly, I believe that Marjane's action towards this topic were justified because she had some background knowledge upon this aspect. She knew what she was doing at least, for example, she didn't just decide to go there to mark her presence, or just go there so that the next day she could tell her friends all about it. No, she did it because she wanted to show she was strong, and also contribute against something that she believed in. She had the feeling that she needed to show the world that she was not just another child without opinion, a week target. She desired to show that her importance was more than just a bystander, she was an active part of the demonstration, and I think that that was her greatest justifier. On page 39 Mehri tells her: "It's late. We have to go" and Marjane responds with a sad and shameful face: "Yes". Marjane had a real reason to go to the demonstration, she didn't just do it because of anybody else besides herself, and we can see that in this very quote. Although she didn't say it directly, we can still get her point. Marjane also showed us great maturity and braveness, as I mentioned before. And that's why I believe that her actions were indeed, justified. 

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