Sunday, November 2, 2014

Literary Analysis - Melissa M

Describe a choice made by a character in the novel.  Why did the character make this choice?  Was his or her action justified?

To begin with, I really enjoyed reading the first pages of Pesepolis by Marjane Satrapi. I though it was vert interesting how it's her autobiography. She explains very well her situation and her communities' situation. Answering the question, on page 17, when she asks her mom and dad if she could go to the protest with them, was an important choice for me because she had the courage to go up to them and ask. She didn't know what was going to be their response. She didn't know if they would be angry, disappointed, or proud. They didn't get angry or proud, but a little disappointed. "It's very dangerous, they shoot people!" her dad said. However, Marjane got really sad and started crying because she really wanted the revolution to succeed and god didn't come to her room after that.
If I was her, I would make the same choice because if I lived in a situation like that, I would try my best to help my community. Adding, my parents would see how I should be a prophet since I knew a lot about the revolution and similar things. Yet, I would argue with them that even if it is dangerous, we are living in a dangerous place, that won't get any better if not everybody helps. Maybe they would change their minds and let me go on the next one.


This is the picture of the Iranian revolution, what Marjane wasn't allowed to participate.

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