Sunday, November 2, 2014

Maus Rotation #4

Andrew Fischer
Literary Analysis
Literary Analysis Question:
     What theme or themes does the author explore in the novel?  Which passages in the text connect to theme?

     The themes that the author shows are, culture, warfare, and family. Throughout this book, these themes keep reoccurring because these themes are what are making the book what it is. These themes help show what was happening in these time periods.
     The first theme is culture. This theme is all about why the Nazis were attacking the Jews. They were attacking them because of their culture. They expressed their culture because that is who they are. 
     The second theme is warfare. There was a lot of warfare shown throughout this book. The warfare in this book was about World War 2 from the Jewish survivors perspective. They told all about the warfare and why they were imprisoned. 
     The last theme is family. Family was a big theme in this book, because the main characters always talked about their families. They told how the warfare and the imprisonment took them away from their family. These things made them think that they would never see their family ever again.

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  1. Just to add on to your Literary analysis is the theme of survival. Thought Maus Vladeck and many other Jewish people did everything in their will to survive the Holocaust. This was present through out the book until the very end. Lots of the story in my eyes is adventure because of the many events that partake in the book, for example the way Vladeck goes through war camps and disguising himself as a poll just to survive shows that most of the story is set in the theme of survival.