Sunday, October 26, 2014

Question Commander- Melissa M

Pg. 129-154

Question #1
What happened with Vladek and Mala?
In this last part we read, Mala and Vladek were having fights, like always, but this time Mala was crying. Artie tried both talking to Vladek and Mala to help them. He suggested going to a marriage counselor and therapist, yet Vladek said de talked to a lawyer before and he said all she wants is his money and that he didn't know what to do. After, she wasn't mentioned in the book again. I think they did separate and Artie was the one that started taking care of his father because they couldn't stay like that anymore. No one can stand a relationship like that with no love or trust. What if Mala actually was interested in his money, left him or gave wrong medication? I really wanted to find out what was coming up next. However, I guess I can only infer, yet they could have stayed and lived like they lived before even with the fights. What do you all think?

Question #2
Why didn't Vladek tell Artie before that he burned his mom's diary?
Fist of all, Vladek was the one that told his son about the diary and he knew he burned it. He knew Artie would get mad and upset. Whereas, I think he just wanted his son to keep his hopes up about the comic book and his son to keep coming to his house. I can't think of any other reason that his father hurt him. In contrast, Artie would still keep going there because he wanted to know more about his father's old life. I'm confused.


I chose this image because it represents Artie and Vladek. Even if they don't seem to love each other so much, I think they do.

Question #3 
Is Mala really just intrested in Vladek's money? 
That's what Vladek and his lawyer said. Though, there is no actual proof. Mala likes to shop, go to the salon like every other woman. Again, I wished there was something in the end that revealed to us who she really was. To Artie, she seems very sweet. She is always talking bad about his dad, but she helps him in what he wants, gives him food, and drinks. Adding, she does take care of Vladek too. She gets really worried when he starts shivering when they argue because she thinks he might have a heart attack. She could have killed him already, but no. In the other hand, she probably is doing that to change his mind and it might be easier for her to get his money when he is alive because probably when he dies, all the money will go to Artie. What I think is that she really is interested in his money because she tried changing Vladek's mind several times to instead of giving all his money to Artie, to give it to her. She wouldn't do that if she didn't want his money.

I chose this image because I think it really represents what Mala thinks about.

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