Saturday, October 25, 2014

Maus Week #3; Line Illuminator

Maus Week #3

Line Illuminator

Julianna Mello

 Line #1:  Don't leave me alone again. I'm TERRIFIED while you're gone.  

I feel that this line was the thing that gave me a clue that Anja was falling apart. Near the end of the chapter I began to put all the clues together, all those clues did eventually lead up to Anja's death. It obviously wasn't a regular death it was suicide, death brought upon themselves. I think the whole thing came to a point where Anja felt like she couldn't trust anybody, her heart and body were trusting Vladek but her mind wasn't. Eventually, the mind will take over the human body causing Anja to feel like she was completely alone.

 Line #2: Those aren't rats. They're very small. One ran over my hand before. They're just mice. 

I found this line very interesting because the fact Art Spiegelman included the "Human beings" in the story, in away he added them in out of context but it worked somehow. This wrapped the book into one big metaphor. Showing that we are all living, different but all just skeletons inside. Yet, there will always be those classified as the guilty and  the innocent or those who are honest and those who are lairs.  Making the book actually quite emotional as well as the guilty liars, and the honest innocent there will as well always be the maus and the mouse. If you either agree or disagree with me we are all fighting in the skeleton war... They are inside all of us, but in this century we are currently battling though there is nowhere we can hide.

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  1. Juli, I agree with you about your opinion about the first line. I liked how you said that Anja wanted to trust Vladek, however, her mind would not support her body. You also said that her death was not just any death, you mentioned, suicide. She killed herself only because she felt alone. It was great that you brought that up once again because I had already forgotten that tiny little part.
    For your second line, I thought that what you said was very interesting. About the skeleton, the whole big metaphor, and the mice and maus part. You did a great job wrapping that all up into a short paragraph. Good work and thank's for pushing my thinking forward.