Sunday, October 12, 2014

Jorge Lopez- Maus- Line Illuminator

Jorge Lopez
Rotation #1
Line Illuminator
Pages 1- 71

This has been a new book I have been reading. So far, I have been liking it, but in the other hand it is a little bit brutal. One thing that I really caught my attention, was the way they got treated. So, I chose some lines that really described the way they had been treated. One of the lines that really stood out was: "It was the beginning of 1938, before the war, hanging high in the center of town, was a Nazi flag." Page 32.
This line, is really powerful. It shows how from one day to another, the Country had changed. One of the things that represents a country is its flag. Every flag has its meaning, and this one had it too… It meant "death" in a way. But, people in Germany really didn't know what the flag meant.

Later on in the book, another line that described the way they were treated showed up. “His name was Jan, and I knew that I killed him.  And I said to myself: Well, at least I did something.”  (Page 50) This shows the way that they don't give opportunities. They just grab the jews, ask what their name is, and then kill them. But, the worst thing is that after he says that he did something good. This really shows the way that they treated the jews. Life like this back then, should had been terrible. It is the same thing as putting 4 hungry sharks around you. You have no opportunity to get out.

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  1. Jorge,
    I like how you used a picture of sharks around people. As you can see the sharks aren't harming the people although, when you think of sharks you think or these big scary creatures. This also shows that everything has to by provoked to have a reason. However, I do not feel that the image matches your paragraph well it does add on to the idea. It's kind of a whole new paragraph within itself. You can also tell that they are all the same breed of shark making it so they are a team, and it's always harder to provoke a team. Your post really boosted my thinking.