Monday, October 20, 2014

Historical Context. Bethany G.

What is the cultural and educational background of the author and how did this background influence the book?  In what ways do the events in the books reveal evidence of the author’s world view?

Art Spiegelman was a man that is a cartoon artists. He was born to Polish Jews and was one of the survivors of the holocaust. He was forced to live with his aunt, which was said it would be safe. She ended up poisoning herself and two other family members also. His father's name was Zeev, although his polish name was Wladyslaw. His mom, took the name Anna upon her American Immigration. Both these names refer to the two main characters that are in the book, Vladek and Anja. I think that the experience and how unfair the equality towards him, Art Spiegelman, is the reason why he wrote this book. I think his experience influenced him to write this book, because he wanted many people to know how it felt, and how hard his life was. The situations that he had to face as a child and his parents growing up. Many of the events in the book show of how he saw it as a Polish Jew. How he thought of it since it has many of the emotions of each character after a situation. He makes it so that you can see the reaction and the emotions of each of the characters. It tells us how he felt while this was happening and makes us feel and see it from his point of view,  of the Polish Jew point of view.


  1. Bethany, I totally agree with you on the fact that Art Spiegelman based this book on his experiences because at that time he suffered a lot and he experienced, saw, and heard bad things in his life since his father was a survivor of the holocaust and World War II as a Polish jew. Adding, I thought it was very interesting how you said that the book tells us how he felt while all of that was happening and how it makes us feel when reading it in his point of view. Do you remember when Vladek told his son that he sneaked to the bad side of the people when the German were stamping everyones passport on page 91 because his sister couldn't take care of all her children alone? We could really feel the sitter love he was feeling since we were seeing all of that happening in his point of view. He knew he was going to suffer if he went to the other side, but he wanted to help his sister. Can you remember any hard situation you had to make in any time of your life? I think we all faced a situation like that. Not one of sneaking to the bad side, of course, but deciding something complex. I remember once when I went to Canada, I heard that there was a bear outside in my cousin's garden and she was playing in the garden. I had to chose and risk my life to go save her or let her get hurt. I chose to go save her. She was about to open the door and get attacked, but I ran as fast as I could to the door and I screamed her name and she instantly froze. Of course it wasn't like what Art's father experienced, but for me it was pretty terrifying, so I can kind of relate with the character's situation in the book.

  2. Bethany,
    I really enjoyed reading your post how it's packed with facts. I like how in a twisted way Art Spiegelman was portrayed by Art in the book. Even when writing fiction there is always some Non-Fiction that comes into place making the content suitable and interesting to most readers. Most facts were tweaked and made suitable for the story revolving the holocaust. Which also may give you an idea on why these people were put into animal form. Thank you for boosting my thinking.
    -Julianna Mello