Sunday, September 7, 2014

 Maus, pg 129-159         Antonio F.            Question Commander

Why did Anja want to stay in Szopiencie, where Jews were in danger than going to Hungary where they could be safe?
I think that one of the reasons  for Anja not wanting to go to Hungary was because she was scared that, during their trip, Anja and Vladek , could be captured and that they would be taken to the gas chambers. Also, she felt that they would be safer with their friends helping them hiding and giving them food. However, I think that she forgot that they could be seen and that, then they would have to move out of the house. Also, she didn't want to go to Hungary because she probably loved the little boy and the mother  that were giving them shelter, so she didn`t want to leave them, or never see them again.

What is the" racist characteristic of the  miserly old jews,"mentioned in page 131?

I think that the "racist characteristic of the old jews"  mentioned to Atala about Vladek's  way of living, trying to spend as less as possible, even having money enough ( it is said that he even gets bathroom paper outside so that he doesn't need to waste money on napkins), has to do with a stereotype created regarding the Jews, as they owned businesses and earned  lots of money.

I chose the cartoon below because, in an humoristic way,  it shows the image created for the jews, as the blue man understands that , the jew, in green , does not want the shrimp because he thinks he needs to pay to have them.

If you were a non jewish pole (represented as a pig), in the book Maus and you found a jew in the middle of the road and he didn't have a place to hide, would you report the jew and stay safe or would you take a risk and be in danger, hiding the jew in your house like Mrs. Motonowa did?

I think if I were a non jewish pole  and I found a jew trying to hide,  I would help the jew hiding  from the people that would report him and from the nazis. Also, I would probably hide in my house because there it would be the securest place as I'd know where the best hiding places could be. I would give him food and shelter until the war ended. I would pay the food for the jew and I would make a good bed so that the jew could sleep well.

I chose this image as it is showing, in my opinion, someone trying to hide and with  fear.



  1. I agree with your first and last question. With the first question, I agree that Anja thought it would really dangerous going to Hungary even though it was the better choice. Also, I think she would be really sad leaving the little boy and his mother, because they did so much for them. The last question, I agree with it because I would let them hide at my house, because if I was in their situation I would like to be treated the same way. I would like if someone, let me hide at their house or wherever if I was in danger. It's simple, treat others how you would like to be treated!

  2. I agree with what you said in your post. While reading the book, I wondered the same things. I think that Anja didn't want to leave because of the huge risk that they would have to take. And for the other paragraph, I would hide as much jews as i could. Even if it meant to risk my life. I also liked your idea of having the secret house.

  3. Antonio, I agree with you in your first question. Anja is scared of everything. Since the beginning of the book, she showed fear of leaving a place. Just like you, I think that Anja was afraid to be caught. Also, since she doesn't know Hungary, she was scared that they would be in a worse situation than they already are.
    I also think the same way on your second question. Since Artie's dad doesn't waste his money for anything, that makes sense. Even if his house is broken he doesn't hire someone to fix it because he doesn't want to waste his money.