Monday, September 29, 2014

Question Commander (Persepolis) - Silvia L.

1. Do you think it was necessary for the author to put herself smoking her first cigarette? What meaning do you think it has?

        I think the scene Marjane smokes her first cigarette represented how she now thought of herself as a grown up and her determination to actually taking part in going against the governments choices, making her own decisions. Nonetheless, I found that scene slightly unnecessary and somewhat considered inappropriate to some readers since Marjane was not a fully grown adult. In fact, she only 13 years old. Regarding to this fact, I thought that this could influence children to be engaged in smoking. Especially, the last part where she says "Now I was a grown-up" could be viewed in a way that smoking means growing up when really, that is not the case.
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2. How would you feel like to spend your childhood during the Iranian war? Would you get tapes and posters of your favorite singer/ fandoms if you were living in that time regarding the possibility of getting arrested?

        The photo below represents the restrains of laws. The photo relates to this question because I would have been forced to put on a veil and prohibited from enjoyable events as well as being restrained by the limited rights for women. I would have hated being born in a time like that, especially because I love my fandoms and getting products related to those fandoms are exceptionally happy moments of my life. However, I would keep myself from getting those fandom/american products if I were to live in that time because I could be sent to the committee. Which could possibly mean anything, from hours of detaining to being whipped. In the worst case I could put my whole family in danger as well. Therefore, since I am not the kind of person that likes taking unnecessary risks, I do not believe I would value fandoms more than my life or my family's life.


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3. If you were Marjane would you want to leave to Austria even though that could mean being separated from your parents forever?

        If I was to be Marjane I don't think I could have just left to Austria, especially after the incident where Baba-Levy's house was bombed. Although I know that staying in Iran will not help me with anything, and that going to Austria is a better choice to continue on with my future, I think I would not be able to get over the situation in a week and I could have been traumatized by the death of my friend and how close my family went to facing death. Consequently, I think my attachment to the people around me would make it difficult for me to go to Austria all alone.

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