Sunday, September 7, 2014

Maus Line Illuminator - Felipe Miyake

Section: pages 129-159

Rotation 3#

1st line:
        "If you don't put another bottle on the table right away, we'll tell the gestapo about the jews you're keeping"
       In my opinion, this line shows how the people who hided jews where threatened by friends and even family. It also shows how sexist people where at that time, as if women had to serve the men's needs. It must've been very hard not only for the jews but also for the people who tried to help the jews because people would threaten you in any situation and you would not live your life in a calmer way.
       If I where hiding jews in my house I would hide them in a place that nobody would know and I would trust nobody with this secret.

2nd line 
       "Don't be afraid, little ones, I am not a jew. I won't hurt you"
       This line shows how the jews suffered from stereotyping. Moms would say to their children that jews where monsters and they could bite you and eat you. At that time, if you where a jew you would have to prove that you where not a jew by using different clothes and saying thing witch you don't believe in. If a person calls you a monster you will fell very bad. These kinds of things still happen today, many religions are jugged only because of some people and other people are jugged by the color of their skin. 


  1. Felipe,
    I completely agree with you, if by any chance I was hiding Jews, I would try my best to have that be unnoticed. My friends could become my enemies because they would worry about surviving, so if it meant telling the German soldiers someone was hiding Jews, they would do it without a doubt. Friendship didn't exist back then, it was all for themselves.
    Great post!

  2. Felipe, I liked your post. I agree with you, that in that time it was everyone for them selfs,even the friends,they didn`t matter if they told the germans that you were hiding a jew, because they thought by telling, that was right. I would also, never trust someone, to know I was hiding a jew in my house. I really liked your post.

  3. I was going to say "I don't know why Polish treated Jews like that, Jew didn't anything to be called 'monsters'." However when I read Maus as a story of racism, I had a feeling that it's impossible to see the Holocaust that in the simple eyes. For instance "Eventually, Hitler, Nazis went wrong way. All their fault!" The idea of individuals making border between rest and another rest, and they regard opponents and think the opponents are inferior to them would have been the cause of the Holocaust. If we were the Polish, we might call Jews "monsters" and been afraid of them, but when I think if we were Jews we absolutely would not be able to be bystanders, strangers. You might be able to think that the Polish and we are also perpetrators of the Holocaust. As you said,These kinds of things still happen today. We should be concern to the truth. Through this reading, I came to want to know about the war and the Holocaust. I don’t know the Jews completely didn’t have any part of bad, in fact they were victims. What should the Polish have done for the Jews as a Polish at that time? It’s difficult to say when I think they were perpetrators or bystanders.