Sunday, September 14, 2014

Job # 1 – Line Illuminator – Simone

Introduction+ Pages 3- 62

“As for me, I love the king, he was chosen by God.” (Page 19)

This quote is important because it shows how independent Marj is. Everyone else around her including her parents, are against the king and demonstrate almost every day. Yet, she still has her own opinion. It shows that she is very entitled to her own opinion and that she is proud of that. It also shows that she doesn't care what other people think. This also really shows how religious Marj is. In the line she says, “He was chosen by God,” so she assumes he is a good person. Although according to everyone else, the king doesn't seem like a good person.

“Back at home that evening, I had the diabolical feeling of power….but it didn't last. I was overwhelmed.”

This line is important because it made Marj realize how badly she had been acting. It made her realize that she shouldn't have said some things that she had said. It made her realize how bad her behavior had been. It made her realize that she needed God. Not having God around almost every night changed Marj a lot. It changed the things she said, the way she acted, and the way she thought and felt of things. She just looked at herself in the mirror and thought. The line says, “I had the diabolical feeling of power… but it didn't last,” this was really the moment when Marj really thought about how she had been acting the past few days, and really thought about what she had been doing wrong. 


  1. Simone,
    I really liked your post. Quote #1 left me thinking. If everyone acts the same, and learns the same (because in their culture they can't have their own opinions, they all have to be the same) why is Marj so different. In a way, everyone is raised differently, so how did she turn out so full of faith? I agree with you when you mentioned how religious she is, and how much faith she has in god, when clearly everyone else thinks he's a villain.
    Great Job!

  2. I really liked your post. I liked how you explained what each phrase from the book meant in the story, and to you. I agree with what you said in each of your paragraphs, and I liked how you went into detail about how she felt about things and how it was different from how everyone else felt, but Marji still believed that the king was good. And how she felt bad for the things she has done and said, so she said that she felt powerless. Anyway, your post was really good, good Job!

  3. Simone,
    I really like you blog post and shows a lot of thoughtful thinking. I do agree with you on #1, as everyone is entitled to there own opinion, and will stick to their own. People might believe in different things, but she decides to think in a 'religious' way. People are/will be entitled to their own opinion.
    Great Job!