Sunday, September 7, 2014

Illustrious Artist - Asuna Ito

Week #3

Pg 129-159
Illustrious Artist 

On page148, Vladek said "We were happy even to have THESE conditions." Jews, Vladek and Anja were frantic to live. There were lots Jews who din't have home to live, and there were more Jews who weren't allowed even to live.  However they could live in a house and have food that they can live. Mrs.Motonowa said to Anja "Well- You're better off with the rats than with the gespato...At least the rats won't kill you!" In the cellar, they had hard life that they couldn't have little food, but they weren't satisfied even when they came back to comfortable "home". Also they had sought better condition. I can understand that they wanted to be released from the anxiety, but even if they didn't feel safe in Mrs.Motonowa's house, they were lucky and they had rather good life. I believe it was better to not demand too much to get complete freedom. I believe that people have to grateful for even a little thing when they live in harsh condition. Because when you thank everything that you can be satisfied you can come to think you are happy. Although I have said that people have to be thankful, how about us? Aren't we a little selfish? Jews who could survive were happy if they could have meal. We can't say happy when we are in that condition. Since we are blessed with our life, we must appreciate for everything.


  1. I agree with what you mentioned on this post. This week, I had Job # 1 - Line Illuminator. For my first quote I chose "We were happy even to have THESE conditions. " which is what you chose to talk about on your post as well. I agree that we should be happy for what we have. And that we are somewhat selfish that we have all the things we need, when the Jews had nothing. Their families were taken away one by one, just the very few lucky ones got to survive. However the ones who got to survive, had to live hiding in a cellar with almost no food and no water. Vladek and Anja were locked up in a small cellar for ten days straight, filled with rats, with only having little amount of food and water. This is what Vladek had called "happy". This tells us how hard their life was back then. I think the picuture and the paragraph has lots of connections. But an image I would add is ( because it represents Vladek's life, of how lucky he was.

  2. Awesome post! Your post was very interesting and it contained good quotes. I agree with you when you talked about how Anja and Vledeck had a good life. Well being in the a war ins't exactly a "good life" but they defiantly had a better experience then other, because most of them were killed. You had a few minor grammer and spelling mistakes but overall it was a great post.

  3. Wow Asuna,
    Really good ending when you talked about people should give more value for what they have. I can connect with my I Believe project you post because my thinking is that people who have less give more value for little things. It was hard for them in barn ,but it was the best place they could be because they had food and shelter and they could tell their stories and socialize with another Jew. In that time they suffeed a lot to survive ,but in the end they did it and it makes me happy to know that their hard work made them survive on the holocaust even though they were a rich family. It was upsetting to know that they lost almost everything even Richieu that was killed by poison and he was still a kid.

  4. Asuna,
    Your post and drawing made me think more deeply about my thoughts, and I do confess that I am a selfish person myself. We sometimes do have to appreciate that we have enough food on our plate and that we have everything to survive. We even have Graded! (A expensive but great school). We appreciate our things more.