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Question Commander- Daphne M- Maus


Question Commander

Rotation #2

#1 If the Germans were killing any Jews they found in the streets, and you were hiding but eventually had to leave for something (ex. food) what would you do?

I think that I would wait until the right moment, and leave strait away. That is because you cant wait for the last moment since the situation could get worse. They could start invading homes and killing people or something like that. So I would just sneak out and run as quickly as possible to the soonest location that could benefit my needs. 

#2  Do you think some Nazis felt bad for the Jews?

After reading a part of the book, I read the Nazis used to hit children against walls, and I had this question sitting on my head. Like seriously, don't they feel bad for them? If the Nazis truly don't feel pity for the ones who have to be killed, or hurt, or threatened, or have everything taken away from them, they are cold blooded, soul andd heartless creatures. This is my opinion. If you think about it, think the same as someone doing that to a puppy. Or a kitty, or any other newborn adorable baby animal. Its just really sad. Maybe, there were some Nazis out there who felt bad, but still did it. They must have felt remorse or regret, but were still forced to do it.

#3 In what way is Vladek's story typical of what Jews experienced during the Holocaust?In what ways is it not typical?

When I think about it, Vladek was very very luck in his past life. Which is something not typical of what most of the other Jews experienced. Vladek had the luck to escape a concentration camp, while many many others didn't. Also, he had the luck to just be alive today telling his story to his son, and looking back at it. Something typical him and the Jews went through was the pain and agony of not knowing if they would ever return to their families, or if they would every survive for that matter. 


  1. Daphne,

    I think that all three questions were very interesting, yet I chose to answer the second one, which was: ''Do you think some Nazis felt bad for the Jews?''

    To begin with, though I see where your idea is going such as why they should feel pity for the kids they are abusing against the wall, I unfortunately have to disagree with you. In my opinion, I really think that the Nazis should feel bad for everybody they are killing. I really infer that everybody wishes the Nazis would feel guilty for all their murders, however, it is not what happens. In my mind, the Nazis did not feel bad for all their killing because of the following question: Why did they become Nazis in the first place? Yes, if they are considered a Nazi, it means that they wanted all the Jews to be cleared from existence. Because of this, they feel like it is their job to be doing what they believe, not what they were forced to do. Even though there may have been Nazis who had to become one because of outside influence, I think that tragically, most of the Nazis did not feel any pity towards the children they were hitting against the wall, and all the people they had killed.

  2. I liked all of your questions, and I could tell that you took a while to write this post because of the good questions that you had. But one of them that had caught my attention was question #2. That question was a very good one because as I read the book. The Nazis would beat up all of the jews they saw and in the end some jews would die and others seriously injured. I think that the Nazis sure had felt bad for the jews but they still did their job, which was to beat up the jews that were breaking their laws or to exterminate the jews. There are lots of different reasons why the Nazis were beating up the jews. I agree with your comment and ideas on this question and thought that they were really good.

  3. Question 2: Do you think some Nazis felt bad for the Jews?

    I agree with you about if the Nazis don't feel pity, they are cold blooded, soul and heartless creatures. I think the Nazis might have felt bad but didn't say anything because they wanted power. If the Nazis said that they felt bad, the Jews might have started killing the Nazis as payback. The Nazis might have also been getting paid to kill and hurt the Jews. The Nazis might think it is OK to kill a few people just because they think money is more important than someone’s life. I don’t think they felt bad enough to stop though. If someone told the Nazis to stop then there is a possibility they would, but all of the Jew are just running away from the Nazis.

  4. Daphne
    Your first question is really good ,but I would do something different than you I would try to become a catholic and eventually run way like you in any occasion and get a boat to another place because Poland and Germany were killing the Jews so it was hard to run. My great grandfather escaped by boat with his family and my grandfather was born on a boat in Bolivia because they still didn't get to Argentina. The Jews robbed all of the money of my family. In my family has a really annoying past. My grandmother had to stay in the basement of her house because the U.S army invaded my grandmothers house and used as a basement. They didn't even get food just some meat. I agree with you in your second practice because they were really strict and overpowered on the book. In your last question I think that normally you would die in the Holocaust if you are a jew.

  5. I agree with you for question #2. I was thinking the same thing, because I would Assume if anyone killed someone or did something to harm another person, They would feel terrible. So, It's really shocking to me when they did these things, and didn't even seem sorry. I wonder if any of the natzis tried to help the jews. Or if the natzis were threatened or forced to do the things they did. So in my opinion, I think that there were maybe two groups of people, the ones that did it because they didn't care, and were terrible people. Or they were forced or even threatened to do the things they did.

  6. Hi Daphne,
    I'm answering your second question, which was:
    Do you think some Nazis felt bad for the Jews?

    I think that many, many, many "Nazis" felt bad for what they did. During WWII, most of the German army was composed of people who were drafted and did not believe in the Nazi cause. The Nazis portrayed in Maus are actual Nazis who think that Jews are inhuman and horrible. There are stories of enemy soldiers that helped each other during wars, because they didn't believe in their army causes. even though the holocaust was a series of monstrosities committed by mostly Nazis, I do not think that all of the Nazis were completely cold blooded, and some actually felt bad for them.

  7. Daphne,

    I do agree with you in the 1st and 3rd question, but I do not agree on the 2nd question. There is a big difference between the Germans and the Nazis. The Nazis are Germans who want power and want to 'rule over Europe', while some Germans might not even like the Nazis and disgust them. I do not think ALL Nazis are cold hearted, and some might even regret joining the Nazis, but if they don't follow the rules, the next people to the gases are them.

  8. Dear Daphne,
    Great blog post! I would like to focus on your first question( If the Germans were killing any Jews they found in the streets, and you were hiding but eventually had to leave for something (ex. food) what would you do?) because you talked about how you would just run away and find a better place to live. But in that time it really wasn't that simple, Vladeck and Anja tried doing that but then they relized that they had no where to go. They couldn't just go buy a house, because they didn't have much money. So I think that you had a good idea but you needed to think a little more about other problems that could have come up about getting or when your already out. I also liked your answer on question #3 ( In what way is Vladek's story typical of what Jews experienced during the Holocaust?In what ways is it not typical?) because Vledeck was a very lucky Jew. He was a very smart person and new what to do at times like that. I also agree that he did feel the same as the other Jews. Overall you created a really good blogpost. Good Job!

  9. I agree with your answers for your questions. I agree with the 1st and third question, but I don't agree with the second one. I think that what you said in the beginning that some felt sorry, I agree with that, but when you said they were forced to do it, I disagree because I think that the ones who did it they didn't fell sorry but the ones that didn't do it felt sorry for them. Good blog

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  11. I agree about the second and third questions the most. The second one I agreed with it because, it is true I bet some Nazi's were forced to do things they didn't want to do. And the ones that were forced, probably regret and feel very bad for the jews. But I bet most of the Nazi's did NOT feel bad for the jews. I mean just look how they treated them...
    For the third question I agreed with it because I do agree that Vladek was very lucky to still be alive, because being alive back then was something not typical at all. Also, it was typical for all the jews to feel pain and agony.
    Great post Daphne!

  12. I agree with all of your answers. I was a question commander this week and I made a similar question with your second one. I think some of the Nazis felt bad for the Jews. To kill someone who didn't anything to be punished must have been really painful. Even if I had to hit or kill my puppy, I would be not able to do it. As we, human beings and dogs, also other animals and plants are the same "living creatures" we never don’t have a right to kill them. Even though they felt bad, there are the fact that they killed the Jews. I think they were altered by Hitler to human beings who don't have a mind. What they did won’t ever be forgiven.

  13. If I had to leave my bunker to get food, I would leave straight away but I would be very careful because this situation is extremely dangerous. I don't think that the nazis where pitiful and where sorry for the jews because their ideals where just like some extremists nowadays. These extremists think that who doesn't have the same religion as them does not deserve to live. Congrats on your blog post

  14. I agree with all of your three answers to the questions, especially the 3rd one. I definitely agree that Vladek was very lucky to have survived the war. On page 148, he even had to hide in a small cellar filled with rats, with only a small amount of food, for ten days straight. Even being scared to breathe. However, Vladek considered this happy, even to have these conditions. As you mentioned, he had the luck to just be alive today telling his story to his son.

  15. I agree with what you said on #2 and #3, like what lexi agreed with. And I also agree on What siomone said, How they probably felt bad, but didn't say anything because they just wanted power. I believe that they would of had felt bad at some point. Because in a speech called the great dictator it said We are not machine men with machine hearts. And I know that is true, anyone would feel bad somewhere deep down in there hearts for the harm they have done to others. But something in there mind or some experience is holding that feeling of regret back. I also agree with what you said on question #3. How Vladek and Anja were lucky for the situation they were in. They had so many times where they could've had died, but they got through this really hard time. I believe some of it was luck and the other part was destiny. They were meant to get through the hard time and situation they were in.

  16. Daphne,

    Thank your post-- it was very thoughtful. I would like to talk about your first question. I agree with you that you should find the right moment and leave right away to the closest place that can provide you your needs (in this case, food). I think you should do this because when you are dealing with a problem so extreme as hunger, you should wait for the shortest period of time possible, keeping in mind that you might die.

    Changing to the things that you should work on is spelling. There are some silly spelling mistakes. Also, I wish you had put more analysis in your explanations.