Saturday, August 23, 2014

Line Illuminator - Maus

Maus - By Art Spiegelman 
Week #1
Pages 5 - 71

1) "'Brrr. The polish prisoners get heated cabins.' 'Yes, and we're just left to freeze in these tents.'" -Page 53 

This quote was said by two jewish prisoners standing outside of a tent. In my opinion, this is significant because it shows that back then, things weren't equal. This proves that although the Polish and the jewish soldiers were both prisoners, the Polish were more respected, they were able to have a better prison. Being jewish prisoner back then must've been like being a slave, they were at the bottom of the social pyramid. This also shows that most jewish prisoners didn't really care about inequality, they didn't stand up for themselves because of fear.


2) "'In September the German soldiers grabbed many Jews in the street... they made us sing prayers while they laughed and beat us. And before letting us go, they cut off our beards'" -Page 65 

This quote was said by Vladek's father when he went to visit him after being released. I think this proves that although the jewish were humans, just like everyone else, they believed very strongly in what their religion. The Nazis didn't care if the people they were hurting were young or old as long as they were jewish. At this point, it makes me realize that the whole reason the Nazis were killing them was because they disagree with what they believed in. Now a days, if anyone even thought of hurting someone because they think differently, they would be considered a brute and nobody would even think of "teaming up" with them.

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  1. Martina,
    I think you have chosen two very important lives in Maus and make the understanding deeper. I agree with that in those dark time there was no equality at all. Everyone thought that if you were a certain person you were better than the others, more powerful then others. When really, it did not matter at all because everyones the same.