Sunday, August 31, 2014

Line Illuminator - Enzo

             (Pg.109)"Always Tosha carried around her neck some poison... She Killed not only herself, but also the three children"

          This quote reminded me of this boy called Bernard that was killed by his parents by this medicine and the saddest part they knew they were going to die. This part was actually really dark to me because the kids didn't do anything and they were penalized by dying.  Vladek talked about it in a way in which they didn't have a choice or it was the best thing that could happen to them. I talked about this with my father and he told me that Hitler's children died the same because Hitler's wife gave them poison so they could die when they were sleeping.  I choose this passage because I wanted to see the comments that you guys were going to make because I wanted to know what do you think about giving poison to a kid. This line also showed me that people on that time carried poison with them because they were afraid that the Nazis were going to torture them so they would kill themselves and commit suicide.

             (Pg. 110)"In the kitchen was a coal cabinet maybe 4 foot wide, inside I made a whole to go down and their we made a brick wall filled high with coal. Behind this wall we could be a little safe"

              This quote from the book was pretty fascinating because they constructed a really cool hide-out their the Nazis couldn't find them and they were protected because they would never look on a garbage. Afterwards in the book they did and they couldn't find them because they had a "layer"
with coal and after this layer they had a hide-out. Even the trained dogs couldn't smell them downstairs. This part was very interesting because they were creative and wise at the same time and both of these characteristics are important in your life. The fascinating part was that they combined both of the characteristics making this shelter.  
I took this image from the book.

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