Sunday, August 31, 2014

Job # 5 – Illustrious Artist – Simone

Pages 72-127

 I chose this picture because it shows how valuable the bunkers were for the characters survival. It shows how the bunkers were so well made, that not even dogs could find the people 'mice' in there. This was especially amazing because dogs noses are ten thousand times stronger that human noses. To think that dogs couldn't find the people 'mice' that were just on the other side of a wall, shows how intelligent and well made the bunkers were; which saved the characters lives. If there weren't any bunkers, then the characters would have been taken away or killed. It was also very smart to build the bunker in a coal bin, because the coal most likely also masked the smell, so the dogs can't smell them. 


  1. Wow, I was really amazed how you described the part of when the dogs were looking for Valdek that was hiding in the bunker. But the main thing that caught my attention was when you added more information about dogs and that they have a nose that is ten times more sensitive than a humans nose. I do agree with you that Valdek was really intelligent in hiding on the bunker. Something that you might improve in is in describing the scene better.

  2. Simone,

    I enjoyed reading your post because of the fact it contained a part of the book that was really important and was also the part I felt was most interesting. For instance, as you stated, the dogs couldn't sniff out the Jews, or ''mice'' that were on the other side of a false wall. I think what Willem said on the previous comment was also interesting because of the fact that the power of a dog's smell is ten times more sensitive than a humans nose, in this case would be a cat. Yes, Vladek and his companions were very intelligent to be able to create a bunker that practically made them ''invisible'' or ''out of reach'' from the Nazis which were hunting them. Overall, I think that it was enjoyable to read your post because of the way it explained and showed a important part of the past during World War II.

    What I also found interesting was why were the ''cats'' using dogs to sniff out ''mice'', don't you think that is kind of weird?

    1. Thank you. I am glad you agree that the part of the book I chose was interesting. I am glad you think it was enjoyable reading my post. To answer your question, yes I do think that is weird. It might mean something. Maybe there was a reason the author had cats using dogs to find mice. I also think that maybe the cats are only cats because it shows the conflict between cats and mice like discussed during the first rotation. Maybe it’s just because the author decided to make the characters animals in the first place.

  3. Hi Simone!
    I think your post is really good! I really like the pictures you chose. I was connection captain this week and I connected some things to how they made the bunkers, so that is what made me interested in your post. I didn't know the fact you put in about dog's noses. I think the Jews developed a skill for making bunkers very quickly, and they did it very well. If they can get a dog to not find them that is really good.


  4. Simone
    Your post was good and I really liked how you talked about the bunkers and how you were amazed about them,but I think you should describe how the bunkers were made and why did they have to create something like that. If they didn't hide they would beat them up because the Nazis would beat the Jews up for no "big" reason and they took them to the battle camps. I don't know if you already read Diary of Anne Frank ,but it helped me understand this book better because in Diary of a Young Girl is at the holocaust and they had hide from the Nazis and they starved in the Holocaust just like Vladek. I wrote about the bunkers too because it fascinated me the way that they were so creative in little time and it worked really well for them. Simone do you think that people now a days would do the bunkers like they did if the holocaust or something similar happened again?

  5. Simone,

    I liked your post and how you wrote what you think about the bunkers and how you found them hard to find for anyone. I think that you should have described that scene more. Like write engaging questions on what you think about that. Additionally, next time you should also describe how it works to go in and out or any information about the entrance and exit of the cabins. I liked your pictures and how they connected to what you wrote. I also enjoyed how you wrote about not even the dogs being able to find the bunks.