Sunday, August 31, 2014

 Mous and persepolis pg 72 to 127 antonio fernandes

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In pg 114 says,"At that time it wasn`t anymore families. It was everyone to take care for himself!"


I think that this quote from the book is a very important part of it, because it shows that in the Nazis' times all jews just cared for themselves, they didn`t care if a family member was in prison or a person related was going to be killed.They only cared about money . When I read this passage, it makes me feel lonely, because I can't imagine people that you know ,even family, letting you die, without trying to help you to survive! I can`t imagine a place where love was not important, a place where money was first from anything in the world! So I thought that this passage made me imagine how selfish everyone was . I chose this image because it makes me remind of a lonely place where you are in the dark situation and no one trying to help you.

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 ON page 108 it says," It was the last time ever we saw them; but that we could`t know."

Breaking chainI think that this line is important because it makes me imagine people from your family dissapearing from your sight forever, and you didn't do anything because you didn't know you would never see them again.  Also, I think that this passage is important because you can imagine how jews families, for example, Vladek' s family started to break apart when the Nazis were ruling. You can see that jews in that time started to have a fearful life, not knowing what would happen to the ones they loved and cared, fearing for them, but incapable of helping or doing anything. The unknown and the incapacity of doing anything that could help the others (and themselves) must have been a terrible feeling to be dealing with, day after day.  I chose this picture because it made me remember jews family breaking apart weakening and destroying their family union and consequently, their lives.



  1. I remember the line in Pg 114 "At that time it wasn't anymore families. It was everyone to take care for himself!" I believe they didn't want to abandon their family, and it's not easy. However they were inevitable to do so. The war wrested their free and bond of family. They weren't allowed to help people who they loved! when I imagine if I'm in the situation, I'm really afraid. The part of your post that I was empathy was "I can't imagine a place where love was not important, a place where money was first from anything in the world!" I don't know how people could lose LOVE, hoe they were survive without being love and giving a love. After I read you post I thought that I really don't want a war happen again.

  2. Hi Antonio
    I really liked your quotes. I agreed with the second one, with the chain metaphor implied at the end, how the families got weaker because the were losing members so fast, until their family line was broken, as what probably happened to hundreds of thousands of families. On the other hand, I don't agree with your thoughts on the first quote. Its not that the people didn't care for their families, but because so many were getting taken to Auschwitz, there were very few people of each family left, so it wasn't complete families struggling to survive, it was every family for itself. Overall, I think you did a pretty good post and I enjoyed reading it.

  3. Antonio

    You did really well on this blog post. I thought that your post was really deep and expressed your feelings very well. Your blog post also made me think about how lonely someone can be without his or her family. Family is one of the most important things in life because you don't trust some friends like you trust your family.

  4. Thank you, if you see any other problems please comment